March 2008
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31 — Keep Your Search Private

I noticed this site as a referrer of search results while using Google Analytics. Now it may sound like I don’t care about them having my information if I’m using their service to collect data on my website activity but I still think it’s a nice idea.

Google is normally the only search engine I turn to but it is a little disconcerting that they collect all the information about your searching habits and link it to your IP or even your login if you happen to still have cookies from gmail or any of their other services. Of course this information isn’t made public but I have no doubt that anything that is collected could fall into the wrong hands at some point.

Anyhow, the folks at will search Google for you using their own IP addresses and return the results to you with no cookies or tracking attached. No, I haven’t tested to see if there are any cookies or diabolical scheme to trick you but it seems decent enough. Give it a shot! There are also add ons for your favorite browser search bar.

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