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Net Neutrality Depicted In A Photo

Sometimes a picture does say it all. I could easily see this happening if we don’t stand up for net neutrality!

Original photo
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Skype Cuts Out With 100 Percent Processor Usage

About few weeks ago I was having a recurring problem with Skype. I would be talking just fine and then every minute or every couple minutes I suddenly could not hear the person on the other end. I could tell when it was happening because it would literally be silence, not even background noise. The […]

Recovering My FreeBSD NAS Server From A Hard Drive Failure

The Signs I Ignored

I was out of town on work for a few weeks and when I came back I noticed a loud click from my server occasionally. It wasn’t constant and I figured it was just something annoying with the fan so I didn’t think much of it.

The Moment It Happened

I decided I should […]

Australian Youths Get Revenge on Stupid Automated Speed Trap

Niiiiiiiice! Personally, I hate the idea of automated speeding mechanisms. Unless they know it is YOU driving the car, how can they send the ticket?

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Oh, and I don’t care if it’s an urban legend or not — just the thought of it makes me happy.

SatayTube — My Favorite WordPress Plugin

I like to embed videos in my blog sometimes. It’s so much nicer than making someone leave your site on a link. Especially with a preview image, they are much more likely to watch than to just skip by. When I moved to WordPress from my old site that used Joomla! I spent a while […]