February 2023
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Netgear Releases Router Made For Open Source!

I think I just found my new router. I’ve been thinking of getting a new one because I have problems with my current one. I’m really not sure if it’s the router or my laptop but I wanted to get a new one anyways that I could put some of the open source firmware on. […]

Recovering My FreeBSD NAS Server From A Hard Drive Failure

The Signs I Ignored

I was out of town on work for a few weeks and when I came back I noticed a loud click from my server occasionally. It wasn’t constant and I figured it was just something annoying with the fan so I didn’t think much of it.

The Moment It Happened

I decided I should […]

Check Out Opensourcecommunity.org!

They’ve been steadily pumping out great informative material over at opensourcecommunity.org since they started in February(?). Sometimes I don’t make it over there for a couple days and when I do I am sure to find some quality, new, and interesting information.

A lot of great minds over there with insights that I respect. If you […]

Internet Radio Under Attack

Every once in a while certain really nice and useful things come under attack from corporations that are not making any / enough money with it. Right now it’s Internet Radio as a whole. I personally enjoy listening to Reggae and Dancehall music on BigUpRadio.com because there are no good local radio stations that play […]