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Netgear Releases Router Made For Open Source!

I think I just found my new router. I’ve been thinking of getting a new one because I have problems with my current one. I’m really not sure if it’s the router or my laptop but I wanted to get a new one anyways that I could put some of the open source firmware on. Something like Tomatoe or DD-WRT… but which router to get? Linksys has been crippling their WRT54G router with less flash memory which means it doesn’t have enough space to load the popular firmwares. Whether this was intentional is open to interpretation I guess but what is definitely intentional is Netgear releasing a router specifically to be modified by whatever Open Source firmware you want!

It looks like they’ve had some packaging issues with the wrong router being sent from some suppliers but it seems they are working on it so I will soon be purchasing one of these WGR614L routers.

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