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Net Neutrality Depicted In A Photo

Sometimes a picture does say it all. I could easily see this happening if we don’t stand up for net neutrality!

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Colin McRae Dies In Helicopter Crash At 39

There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said about one of the greatest champions and persons in rally racing. An article with some nice quotes about Colin and his racing career has some nice thoughts.

I remember watching the rallys and even when he was doing poorly he generally had a positive outlook and […]

Hurricane Dean Pics

On the drive from the airport to the Howell’s (where I stayed on my vacation) home we took a detour to see some of the hard hit areas in Kingston. One of the worst was Caribbean Terrace which is almost right on the water. Here are some of the photos:

Hurricane Dean Hit Jamaica Just Before My Trip

I am leaving for Jamaica tonight but there was a little doubt last week as I heard of Hurricane Dean’s approach to the island. Yes, Jamaica has been sparred for many years and many have become complacent but there will be another big one and you never know when.

I found it quite interesting that I […]

A Funny Story About Losing Shipping and Customer Service

Of course, it wouldn’t be funny if it was me. The tone of his conversations just had me laughing pretty hard. It really is disgusting how little help the customer service is and how little responsibility these companies take for their mistakes.

I quickly discovered the downside to the amazing power of the Internet: I have […]