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Interesting History of Mathmaticians

I found this series quite interesting. I’m not very confident in my own mathmatical abilities but it’s interesting to me to ponder these larger ideas.


Install pfSense on Symantec 5420 Security Gateway

I need to give credit to this post in the pfSense forums which showed that this was possible. This box is pretty nice in that the processor is a Celeron 2.0GHz and it has 6 onboard Intel 10/100 NICs which are preferred by far over the usual Realtek NICs found in embedded devices. It was […]

Apple – AD Login Error: The home folder for the user account is located on AFP or SMB server

I’ve been trying to get our web and print design specialist at work set up with an Apple that was donated to us. It’s not a bad machine but one of the older ones running the Power PC hardware. It’s also running OS X version 10.4.11. Apples are completely new to me so it’s been […]