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Force FreeBSD to Run Startup Scripts Without Rebooting

I wondered about this for quite a while and eventually saw the answer while looking for other information. Sometimes I make a change to some startup files and I just want to rerun the startup without having to go through POST and all the other startup before the computer gets to the OS.

With root privileges […]

What Device Is My Serial Port In FreeBSD?

Wow. I thought it would be easy to configure my new (to me) APC SmartUPS to be connected to my FreeBSD server on the serial port. The install of apcupsd went quite well but when it came time to set the device to be used in the config file I couldn’t figure out which device […]

Updating My FreeBSD Installation — Automatically

My APC Smart-UPS 700XL arrived yesterday so I decided to do the first step in relocating my server from next to my TV in my bedroom to inside my closet. The server is just a desktop PC size and isn’t extremely loud but it is noticeable when sleeping. I actually think it took me a […]