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Note: This site has been archived.

Hi, my name is Oliver Hansen and this is my blog. I generally write about cool technology I learn about but I have been known to share personal moments as well. I love computers and work in the IT industry so I’m constantly around computers. I read slashdot and digg among others to get most of my tech news and sometimes I share something I’ve found from there.

I really like Open Source software and have weaned myself off of Microsoft at home since about December 2007. I still use Microsoft software at work and I feel it’s useful in some applications but for myself I am really more interested in Linux and Unix for operating systems. I’m currently using Linux Mint on my laptop, a version of Linux (IPCop) for a router, and Unix (FreeBSD) for a couple servers.

Of course I can’t forget about my time in the Peace Corps in Jamaica. I will always have a place in my heart for Jamaica and have taken a vacation back there once already. That is also where a big part of my love for Reggae music comes from.

If you’ve read this far already, please leave a comment on one of my posts! Even if it’s an old one. The fun thing about blogging is the interactions. If I made a mistake or there is a better solution that I don’t know about, feel free to mention it! I like to write about things that have helped me in the hope that it will help someone else so more contributions are welcome. If you’d like to contact me please use the contact page.