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Vacation In Jamaica

I spent almost two weeks in Jamaica the end of August and beginning of September. Originally I had planned to spend three weeks there but as anyone who has used frequent flier miles knows, the flight dates are very limited. I spent most of my time in Kingston visiting a few friends and helping out in the computer lab at Kingston High School which I will write about separately as it was an involved project. I did get to spend a couple days in Negril at the beach but because of the elections I didn’t have as much time there as I had planned. I did get a couple nice photos though.

Negril Beach Panorama
Nadia by MargaritaVille
Nadia Relaxing on The Beach
Horse Station
Oliver on Horseback
Oliver and Nadia on the Horses
Negril Rooftop Panorama
Atop the Horse
Oliver Suntan
Bauxite Factory St. Bess

As you can see, not all of Jamaica was ravaged by Hurricane Dean.

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