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Cron is Different in FreeBSD and Linux

A while ago I got into updating my FreeBSD installation automatically. Now, I wrote my blog entry but didn’t test the cron part. I found a nice page that explained getting cron running on linux. I’m pretty sure I didn’t search for linux but that’s what I found and I figured most things like this […]

Give One Laptop To A Needy Child, Keep One For Yourself!

This Christmas (or any time after Nov. 12) you can purchase a neat laptop for your child or yourself and one will be sent to a child in a developing country at the same time! The OLPC project has been an interesting one. Initially their goal was to make a laptop for $100 so that […]

Net Neutrality Anyone?

This is a repost from my post at Open Source Community. Thought it was important enough to post here as well.

Even if you accept the argument that all P2P traffic is inherently evil, and that Comcast has the right to disrupt it in order to put a stop to copyright infringement, Comcast’s traffic-shaping efforts have […]

What Device Is My Serial Port In FreeBSD?

Wow. I thought it would be easy to configure my new (to me) APC SmartUPS to be connected to my FreeBSD server on the serial port. The install of apcupsd went quite well but when it came time to set the device to be used in the config file I couldn’t figure out which device […]

Interesting Idea In Free Culture — CCTV For Filmmaking

Reading through Digg this morning I found this interesting article about people using CCTV footage to create short films. In the film The Duellists, two young men take part in free running around a shopping center and actually have access to the control room to move some of the cameras around. In another, simpler, film […]