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Oliver & Juliah Hansen -- Wedding Photos

We were married on the 23rd of January, 2010 in my hometown of Coupeville. I am not going to try to put captions on all the photos since I just want to get them up for people to look at right now. Please feel welcome to leave comments!

2008 Family Camping Trip At Deception Pass

Family Camping Trip ’08!!!! Well, I was pretty excited about this one because I haven’t been able to go regularly since my last job required me to work a lot through the summer especially. Now that I have a regular 9-to-5 job I have my weekends free. So I was stoked about going and seeing […]

Finally I Can Upload Photos In WordPress 2.5!

I’ve been a bit bad about uploading photos lately and I’ll tell you why. After I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 I found I couldn’t upload anything while using Linux. I tried on my work laptop which runs Vista and it worked just fine so I used that for the photos of my mom’s fence. Now […]

Net Neutrality Depicted In A Photo

Sometimes a picture does say it all. I could easily see this happening if we don’t stand up for net neutrality!

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Vacation In Jamaica

I spent almost two weeks in Jamaica the end of August and beginning of September. Originally I had planned to spend three weeks there but as anyone who has used frequent flier miles knows, the flight dates are very limited. I spent most of my time in Kingston visiting a few friends and helping out […]