February 2023
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Routing and Remote Access Changes From Automatic to Disabled

I’ve been working on setting up an ISA Server 2006 to be a VPN connection for employees. I had it working and then the next day it wouldn’t work. I looked and saw that the Routing and Remote Access service had been not only stopped but disabled. I would turn it back on and then […]

Using IAS (RADIUS) For Client VPN Authentication To Cisco PIX

I just had an opportunity to set this up again. The domain controller we had that was the RADIUS server crashed over the weekend so this is one of many things I had to get going again. Yes, our backup strategy needs some attention. So anyways, it did give me an opportunity to re-learn how […]

Synchronize Host and Guest Clocks in VMware Player

I’ve been using VMware Player at work to run Groundwork which is a pretty neat network monitoring system — but more on that in another post. So one thing that was getting annoying was the guest OS (the one running on the virtual-ized system) had been losing time. I didn’t check how often but in […]