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Routing and Remote Access Changes From Automatic to Disabled

I’ve been working on setting up an ISA Server 2006 to be a VPN connection for employees. I had it working and then the next day it wouldn’t work. I looked and saw that the Routing and Remote Access service had been not only stopped but disabled. I would turn it back on and then a few hours later it would be disabled. It was really frustrating me. We had used the server for another purpose previously and not reinstalled the OS so I even did that. No luck. The problem kept coming back.

The link below led me to think of Group Policy and I did an rsop.msc on the server to find it was the workstation policy affecting the server. Created a new OU outside the range of the policy which should have been done a long time ago anyways and the problem has been resolved. No more services getting disabled.

My Hint:

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