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Using IAS (RADIUS) For Client VPN Authentication To Cisco PIX

I just had an opportunity to set this up again. The domain controller we had that was the RADIUS server crashed over the weekend so this is one of many things I had to get going again. Yes, our backup strategy needs some attention. So anyways, it did give me an opportunity to re-learn how […]

Move Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Menu To Left Side

Finally!!!!! I found the method to move the in-game menu to the left and back to the bottom of the screen in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. I had done this accidentally and had no idea how it happened. I searched and searched online and didn’t find anything so I just had to make due for […]

Cops Shoot a Man in Public and On Video — Claim Accident

This is just absurd. Yet how does it keep happening? I won’t bother to go into all the details. If you care, you can check the link at http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Video_shows_police_shooting_man_laying_0105.html

Update: Another story with more details and a better video that shows the actual shooting. Don’t worry, it’s not bloody but it shows it was clearly unnecessary.