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Install pfSense on Symantec 5420 Security Gateway

I need to give credit to this post in the pfSense forums which showed that this was possible. This box is pretty nice in that the processor is a Celeron 2.0GHz and it has 6 onboard Intel 10/100 NICs which are preferred by far over the usual Realtek NICs found in embedded devices. It was […]

Reply On Top Of Message In Thunderbird Linux

I know I found the option to do this in Windows but I couldn’t find it in my Linux Mint version of Thunderbird. The default behavior seems to be starting your reply at the bottom of the last message you received which is actually considered good etiquette for mailing lists and such but when responding […]

Finally I Can Upload Photos In WordPress 2.5!

I’ve been a bit bad about uploading photos lately and I’ll tell you why. After I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 I found I couldn’t upload anything while using Linux. I tried on my work laptop which runs Vista and it worked just fine so I used that for the photos of my mom’s fence. Now […]

Small Bash Script to Count Seconds

So the short story is I got a small UPS for my tv, xbox and cable modem so that I won’t be interrupted by small power hiccups. I decided I wanted to know how long my CRT tv and xbox would continue while watching a movie so I needed something to count with while I […]