February 2023
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Vacation In Jamaica

I spent almost two weeks in Jamaica the end of August and beginning of September. Originally I had planned to spend three weeks there but as anyone who has used frequent flier miles knows, the flight dates are very limited. I spent most of my time in Kingston visiting a few friends and helping out […]

Visiting Monifa in Dallas

I took a short trip to Dallas to visit my friend Monifa. A friend from Jamaica, she had been working at Six Flags through a summer work program most of the summer. Because I already had the time off work and couldn’t go to Jamaica as early as I wished, I took the time to […]

Time To Get Out of The Water

Had to post this after my kayaking experience the other day. Hmmm, I think I’ll stick to the lake rather than the shark infested waters…..

A Day With Mom

I’m going to be gone for a while in July so I decided it would be a good weekend to spend a day with mom. She decided to join an alumni group from her university and that gives her access to a nice lakeside recreation center on Lake Whatcom. It was this recreation center we […]

Day at The Park

I called up Jess this afternoon and he, Richard, and Michelle were going to the park to play some tennis and things so I came and tagged along. I met Richard and Michelle a couple weeks back at a game day in Jess’ apartment and they are fun to be around. Richard also brought along […]