September 2007
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Visiting Monifa in Dallas

I took a short trip to Dallas to visit my friend Monifa. A friend from Jamaica, she had been working at Six Flags through a summer work program most of the summer. Because I already had the time off work and couldn’t go to Jamaica as early as I wished, I took the time to go see her.

I rode a couple roller-coasters — some of the bigger few that I had never tried before because I was too scared. Now I can just say I don’t like them. I don’t mind the speed, it’s the jerkyness of the whole thing. Having my neck thrown around by the sudden movement just isn’t my thing. Second day I got to go to the water park which was more my style. I got some sun and got to experience it free since she could bring a guest in.

Throughout the days and later the last night I met her coworkers and friends. Some from Jamaica, one from Trinidad, some from Turkey, and some from Moldova. Here are a few photos from that trip.

Monifa Getting Her Caricature
Custom Painted Jacket
Hanging in The Gift Shop
Monifa’s Roomates and Coworker
Poor Guy….

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