February 2023
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Install pfSense on Symantec 5420 Security Gateway

I need to give credit to this post in the pfSense forums which showed that this was possible. This box is pretty nice in that the processor is a Celeron 2.0GHz and it has 6 onboard Intel 10/100 NICs which are preferred by far over the usual Realtek NICs found in embedded devices. It was […]

Reply On Top Of Message In Thunderbird Linux

I know I found the option to do this in Windows but I couldn’t find it in my Linux Mint version of Thunderbird. The default behavior seems to be starting your reply at the bottom of the last message you received which is actually considered good etiquette for mailing lists and such but when responding […]

/etc/grub/message.mint – file not found on Linux Mint

I just installed Linux mint KDE CE on my desktop computer. I love it! It’s great and looks brilliant with the advanced desktop effects that my laptop couldn’t produce last time. Well there was one thing that I remembered from last time. It’s really more of an annoyance than anything but when booting up you […]

Netgear Releases Router Made For Open Source!

I think I just found my new router. I’ve been thinking of getting a new one because I have problems with my current one. I’m really not sure if it’s the router or my laptop but I wanted to get a new one anyways that I could put some of the open source firmware on. […]

Synchronize Host and Guest Clocks in VMware Player

I’ve been using VMware Player at work to run Groundwork which is a pretty neat network monitoring system — but more on that in another post. So one thing that was getting annoying was the guest OS (the one running on the virtual-ized system) had been losing time. I didn’t check how often but in […]