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Using IAS (RADIUS) For Client VPN Authentication To Cisco PIX

I just had an opportunity to set this up again. The domain controller we had that was the RADIUS server crashed over the weekend so this is one of many things I had to get going again. Yes, our backup strategy needs some attention. So anyways, it did give me an opportunity to re-learn how […]

Moving and Organizing My Home Server Closet

I actually did this back in August but I didn’t get around to uploading the photos til today so here it is!

Some wise person suggested that since I had a free room that I move my servers to the closet in that room instead of keeping them in my own closet. I’ve gotten used to […]

Reply On Top Of Message In Thunderbird Linux

I know I found the option to do this in Windows but I couldn’t find it in my Linux Mint version of Thunderbird. The default behavior seems to be starting your reply at the bottom of the last message you received which is actually considered good etiquette for mailing lists and such but when responding […]

Replace First Domain Controller in Forest

This is the first in some posts that will be from the wiki I use at work. I’ll remove the work-specific details but leave the general info for others to use. Many of it is compiled from different MS Knowledge Base articles.

Use nslookup To Find MX Records

I wasn’t sure if there was a way to do this but I found you can actually change the type of record you are looking up in windows with nslookup. After opening the nslookup console by typing nslookup at the command prompt, simply type:
set type=mx
I also found you can set type to any other lookup […]