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To Think Some People Still Belive This


I remember the name Pat Buchanan from when I was younger. My family used to enjoy the 700 Club if I remember correctly. Now to see this guy who recalls segregation with a warm sense of “the good old days”. But then there are people who published this book and those who will buy it […]

Piracy a Marketing Problem?


I’d have to agree. This article was posted a while back but I’m just now getting around to putting it up. If only these mega-industries could try innovating and giving the consumer what they want and are willing to pay for instead of forcing them to pay more for less and less….

Have Copyright Holder’s Fears Proved Correct Over The Years?

The author of the article on arstechnica.com shows that a few of the industry leaders who felt threatened by technology have been correct on some points. I was surprized by this, but not surprized by the fact that most of the warnings of entire industries being destroyed have proved false. Unreasonable copyrights are holding back […]

Canadian Hobbema Cadets Travel To Jamaica

Saw this on TV the other night and started watching because it was about Jamaica. It turned out to be really interesting. The kids from Hobbema don’t have an easy life but when they travel to Jamaica and spend some time in Spanish Town they see there are some with less than they have. There […]

Cops Shoot a Man in Public and On Video — Claim Accident

This is just absurd. Yet how does it keep happening? I won’t bother to go into all the details. If you care, you can check the link at http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Video_shows_police_shooting_man_laying_0105.html

Update: Another story with more details and a better video that shows the actual shooting. Don’t worry, it’s not bloody but it shows it was clearly unnecessary.