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Canadian Hobbema Cadets Travel To Jamaica

Saw this on TV the other night and started watching because it was about Jamaica. It turned out to be really interesting. The kids from Hobbema don’t have an easy life but when they travel to Jamaica and spend some time in Spanish Town they see there are some with less than they have. There is a Jamaican cadet group as well and they get to work together and share a bit about their cultures. If you have a few minutes, give it a look.

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8 comments to Canadian Hobbema Cadets Travel To Jamaica

  • maya

    can i just comment on random things that have nothing to do with this post?


    put up the pics i took at the cove… hee hee!


  • Just thought if you found it interesting you might wanna check out my site. I’m Capt. David Huculiak of the Hobbema Cadet Corps my father is the Program Founder, I’m the cofounding instructor. the website for the kids is

    Thanks for mentioning us.

  • Thanks for stopping by David! I honestly do not know very much about your group so it will be interesting to visit your site and learn more. The video really was touching and it was interesting to see Jamaica from another perspective.

  • Mark LINNELL

    David HUCULIAK is NOT the co founder of the Hobbema Cadet Corps and never will be. He represents himself as something that he is not. He also says he is trained in certain things and he is not. He is not a commander of or in the Hobbema Cadet Corps and never will be. He also wears the badges of rank and Canadian Forces badges, and he is NOT a member of the DND. He has never been on active service like he says in one entry
    It’s sad really because he has great potential.

    Mark A.LINNELL. Col and Commander Hobbema Cadet Corps.
    Sgt. RCMP

  • Richard

    Hi Mark…so who did found the program in Canada

  • Tianna Roasting

    hello to whoever reads this but i was a part of the cadet corp and it was very fun to be a part it ! & i hope it stills goings on in the future ! (:

  • i am one of the jamaica cadet that visit in 2009, it was a fun exprence an i would like to go over there agen cause i love the joy and fun that we had an i met two friend an i love thouse friends ther are britainy an ellisha i enjoy there company I HOPE THEY REMEMBER ME CAUSE I REMEMBER THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • venisa Gordon

    I was one of the cadet who visited the obbema in 2009,an i was the best JAMAICAN FEMALE, I had ahappy an wonderfull time i liked the fun an joy that we had an to say thanks to SIR MARK LINNELL and MR MRISH for this Opportunity an i will never for get this not in many years an i also met two friends ellisha soloback an britny nepoos (forgive me for the spelling)but i hope they remember me it was wonderfull i so enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!