February 2023
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Vacation In Jamaica

I spent almost two weeks in Jamaica the end of August and beginning of September. Originally I had planned to spend three weeks there but as anyone who has used frequent flier miles knows, the flight dates are very limited. I spent most of my time in Kingston visiting a few friends and helping out […]

Hurricane Dean Pics

On the drive from the airport to the Howell’s (where I stayed on my vacation) home we took a detour to see some of the hard hit areas in Kingston. One of the worst was Caribbean Terrace which is almost right on the water. Here are some of the photos:

Visiting Monifa in Dallas

I took a short trip to Dallas to visit my friend Monifa. A friend from Jamaica, she had been working at Six Flags through a summer work program most of the summer. Because I already had the time off work and couldn’t go to Jamaica as early as I wished, I took the time to […]

Hurricane Dean Hit Jamaica Just Before My Trip

I am leaving for Jamaica tonight but there was a little doubt last week as I heard of Hurricane Dean’s approach to the island. Yes, Jamaica has been sparred for many years and many have become complacent but there will be another big one and you never know when.

I found it quite interesting that I […]

Breaking Boards

I’ve been taking lessons for a while from Jungyae Moosul which is down the street from me. I tested for the first time tonight because I have missed the previous tests due to my work schedule. The results are not in yet but I feel I did pretty well. I guess the part I looked […]