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Day at The Park

I called up Jess this afternoon and he, Richard, and Michelle were going to the park to play some tennis and things so I came and tagged along. I met Richard and Michelle a couple weeks back at a game day in Jess’ apartment and they are fun to be around. Richard also brought along his dog Lydia who almost chewed through her leash while tied to the tree at the park. Haha.

We first played a game of pickup 3-on-3 basketball with two other guys who showed up on the courts. The two guys were fairly decent but we had a close game. My team ended up winning 11-10. Then we headed over to the tennis courts where I had to use Jess’ “child racket” — the thing was so small my hand could almost wrap around the handle twice! It was still fun though. We played through all the possible teams with the four of us and it was pretty even I guess. We were pretty worn out after the first game of basketball but decided to go play another round of 2-on-2. Before we did that, we showed off a bit for the camera. 😀

Game of 2-on-2 was good but maybe not as close as the first game. Richard’s mom was nice enough to invite everyone over for dinner afterwards but I was too worn out and had a few things to take care of at home so I declined. The whole afternoon sure beat sitting around at home watching a movie or playing on the comp!

Jess Shot
Michelle Shot
Richard Shot
Jess Dunk
Michelle Dunk
Oliver Dunk
Richard Dunk

1 comment to Day at The Park

  • daphne

    ha, it was posing, no wonder it looked unrealistic! 😛

    okok just kidding. nice to see you had a nice time though! 🙂