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A Day With Mom

I’m going to be gone for a while in July so I decided it would be a good weekend to spend a day with mom. She decided to join an alumni group from her university and that gives her access to a nice lakeside recreation center on Lake Whatcom. It was this recreation center we decided to visit because they have kayaks for a very cheap price.

So we took the kayak out after I figured out how to get my long legs inside without tipping it over. We decided to get a two person kayak and it was pretty nice. One of us could take a break while the other kept going. We went quite a ways and it was a really nice day.

Lake Whatcom
Japanese in Kayaks
Japanese Man Tips Canoe
Mom in the Front of Kayak
Rowing in the Kayak

After the water, we went back to mom’s and had some nice fish. I don’t eat fish very often but when I do it is usually good. The fish lacked a lot of flavor but the topping was very nice. Also had a fresh salad from her garden! We had time to play a called bolo toss which was actually quite fun. As my mom says, it would be a great family game ’cause everyone can play! Simple but competitive.

Bolo Toss - Target
Bolo Toss - Mom
Bolo Toss - Oliver
Angel in Garden
Bee For Polin
Mom’s Flower

I then showed mom the DVD from Green Eyes In Africa, a non-profit that runs an orphanage in Africa. The documentary is about how they got started and I plan to review it soon on this site. I also gave her my copy of Office Professional 2007. I hope she can get used to the new menu system. I’d had it for some months now but couldn’t think of someone who really needed it. I left soon after that and got home in time for my weekly chat on Skype!

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