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Finally I Can Upload Photos In WordPress 2.5!

I’ve been a bit bad about uploading photos lately and I’ll tell you why. After I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 I found I couldn’t upload anything while using Linux. I tried on my work laptop which runs Vista and it worked just fine so I used that for the photos of my mom’s fence. Now that I have a new job I don’t have a work laptop at the moment so that’s not possible.

Now I had read about issues with the new WordPress 2.5 gallery upload feature that now uses Flash. Most of those issues seemed to be caused by permissions and plugins though; server-side issues. My problems are not at the server as a Windows based computer seems to work just fine. At home I am still running Linux Mint which I have run since about December. I updated to the latest Flash 10 build and I still had the same issue.

The problem for me was I would get the screen to select files to upload but as soon as I selected one or more and clicked ok, the browser (Firefox 2.0.14) would stop responding and eventually I would have to kill the process. I finally dug around on the WordPress forums and found something relating to this issue on a tracker from the days of the Release Candidate 2.5 version. Apparently someone made a plugin to disable the flash part of the uploading process. That is the solution for me. The fact that it took me so long to find the solution because there are so many other issues with the Flash Uploader is quite disturbing. The discussion on the bug tracker is also of interest because it seems the developers did not want to include a setting to turn off the Flash Uploader because it might make people think they didn’t have confidence in it working. Well if it doesn’t work in quite a few cases then I don’t see why you would have confidence in it!

Ok, so now I can upload photos so I can finally get around to putting up some of my trip to Singapore in April.

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