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First Day At A New Job

Yesterday was my first day at my new job. I’m now working at the Seattle YWCA as the Network Administrator. I wasn’t sure how the first day would go really. Would I be sitting around waiting on paperwork? Would I be setting up my computer? Would I be thrown into the work supporting the network and staff? Well, it was more of actual work than just sitting around which was great. I got to see a bit of how things have normally been done in the past with setting up a new office. It’s going to be a challenge because the two people with most of the knowledge and experience in the IT department left at approximately the same time. Ed who is the outgoing Sys Admin was nice enough to come in on his last day and lend a hand setting up the new office space.

I definitely appreciated the way everyone made me feel welcome. There were signs saying “Welcome” and “Glad to have you” which was very nice. Of course everyone is nice on the first day but hopefully the general environment will stay about the same.

The other plus is that I get to take the bus to work! I can’t wait til I have my bus pass ’cause coming up with $3 in exact change every day is a pain. When the traffic is low I really get in somewhat early and get home not too late. It’s much less stressful than driving. I will have to drive sometimes when I need to go to support another office but if I don’t know of that ahead of time I will be taking the bus.

4 comments to First Day At A New Job

  • daphne

    YAY! new job… at least it is treating you great so far. first time I see someone so happy to take the bus to work. guess I am the opposite cause I will reach work an hour earlier if I drove(since I am able to now! :D)

  • Yea, taking the bus is much preferred. A girl waiting at my stop with me the other morning said “why do all these people drive” as we watched the traffic go by. “I guess they like traffic jams.” she finally decided.

    So yea, it’s a pretty direct route to work on the bus. About the same as I would take to drive. Finally got my bus pass today! Yay! 😀

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