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2008 Family Camping Trip At Deception Pass

Family Camping Trip ’08!!!! Well, I was pretty excited about this one because I haven’t been able to go regularly since my last job required me to work a lot through the summer especially. Now that I have a regular 9-to-5 job I have my weekends free. So I was stoked about going and seeing a lot of relatives that I hadn’t seen in a while. Unfortunately a couple of the regulars didn’t show up this year but we still had a good time. Having only 3 males there including myself meant I brought way too much beer so I took that back home. I did get to see my cousin Tessa’s “new” baby again who is toddling around now almost walking on her own. The baby’s cousin was there as well and it really is nice to have some children around again; even if they wake up crying in the middle of the night from time to time. haha.

Got a couple walks in, a float around the lake in a kayak, and one of the things I enjoy the most which is sleeping outside in the nice fresh air. I have to thank my mom for letting me use her nice kayak since my aunt’s has a weight limit that I am just a wee bit over. And thanks to Lael for setting it up this year.

There were a few complaints about the state of the group camp site at Deception Pass State Park which could have been better but I won’t elaborate on those here. Seeing the people was the best part for me so without further adieu I will share some of the photos:

3 comments to 2008 Family Camping Trip At Deception Pass

  • Mom

    Great shots Oliver! I really like the dragon fly and lily pad flower – but all of them are nice. Thanks for sharing them!

  • Aria

    That looked like alot of fun. You got some really great close up shots in there. Plus you were the essence of cool sitting in that kayak with those sunglasses on, lol. I love you, awesome pics!

  • @Mom, thanks! Yea the lily pad flower turned out better than I thought.

    @Aria, I guess I am pretty much one of the coolest guys ever… and pretty good with a bow staff as well. Love you too!