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Washington State Snowstorm December 2008

It’s been quite a week with all the snow. The buses have done an admirable job mostly so I’m not having to be out there driving. Definitely one to remember though. Quite cold for Washington state as it’s been several days last week that didn’t get above freezing. I thought I’d share some pics from […]

Moving and Organizing My Home Server Closet

I actually did this back in August but I didn’t get around to uploading the photos til today so here it is!

Some wise person suggested that since I had a free room that I move my servers to the closet in that room instead of keeping them in my own closet. I’ve gotten used to […]

The Visitor – A Look at American Immigration

The Visitor had a bit of personal meaning to me while watching it which I didn’t fully realize until I began. The movie hit me from two different angles. The first and most obvious to me was that main character Walter Vale (played by Richard Jenkins) was not happy and not at all comfortable in […]

Elegy To Me

I just watched the movie Elegy. After watching, I was curious as to the title so I looked it up and found in Wikipedia it is

…used for a poem of mourning, […]a reflection on the death of someone or on a sorrow generally – which is a form of lyric poetry. [It] can also reflect […]

Reply On Top Of Message In Thunderbird Linux

I know I found the option to do this in Windows but I couldn’t find it in my Linux Mint version of Thunderbird. The default behavior seems to be starting your reply at the bottom of the last message you received which is actually considered good etiquette for mailing lists and such but when responding […]