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Cold Shower Anyone?

I don’t like to complain about the hot weather when we get it here in Washington state but I sure wish I had a fan on days like yesterday. According to, the last two days hit 87F (31C). I spent a lot of yesterday inside but still with very little breeze it got quite warm.

Well, I did something I don’t think I’ve done since last year when I was in Jamaica for vacation. I took a cold shower. As I remember, it’s the first 10-20 seconds that really cut your breath out of your lungs. It was quite a shock but as I turned around and let the water hit my still-warm back I could feel my core body temp come down. After a few minutes it’s really not too bad and actually feels good. I left my hair wet as well when I got out and then when the very little breeze does make it into the room it keeps me cool.

Glad I have some coping skills for the few times I need to adjust to warm weather.

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