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Colin McRae Dies In Helicopter Crash At 39

McRae In Car
There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said about one of the greatest champions and persons in rally racing. An article with some nice quotes about Colin and his racing career has some nice thoughts.

I remember watching the rallys and even when he was doing poorly he generally had a positive outlook and at the least you knew he was not giving up. Many drivers have this tough spirit but Colin was rally racing to myself and many others when I first discovered the sport. As so many greats go before their time, so has Colin McRae. After a time, those of us who only knew him on television come to accept it and live with the memories we have. Those who had the pleasure of knowing him personally will no doubt have a more difficult time with this.

“He and [ his wife] Alison were good friends and I cannot imagine either without the other…”
-DAVID COULTHARD, Formula 1 driver

The quote above allows me to view this from another perspective and realize it’s not as personal for me. But it still seems like we have a connection to these people sometimes. I bought Colin McRae Rally 3 for my Playstation and then when I recently got an x-box, I bought a used copy of Colin McRae Rally 2005. He helped make these games what they are and that deepens the imagined connection as well. Seems silly but the bottom line is he is missed.

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