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Finally I Can Upload Photos In WordPress 2.5!

I’ve been a bit bad about uploading photos lately and I’ll tell you why. After I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 I found I couldn’t upload anything while using Linux. I tried on my work laptop which runs Vista and it worked just fine so I used that for the photos of my mom’s fence. Now […]

First Day At A New Job

Yesterday was my first day at my new job. I’m now working at the Seattle YWCA as the Network Administrator. I wasn’t sure how the first day would go really. Would I be sitting around waiting on paperwork? Would I be setting up my computer? Would I be thrown into the work supporting the network […]

Mother’s Day Gift — Building a Fence

For Mother’s Day I was thinking of a couple things but they didn’t work out. I was talking to my mother the weekend before and she mentioned she wanted to build a stronger fence to keep the deer out of her garden. It would be quite a project because it had to be done in […]

Barenaked Ladies — Sound of Your Voice

I think I’d heard it before but this time it caught my attention. This video is a live performance from where I’m not sure.

Where Is The Love — Black Eyed Peas

I’ve just always liked this song and wanted to share it. The video has the lyrics which are really what make this song. It’s always nice when a song that has a good beat and is a bit catchy also has great lyrics.