February 2023
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Barenaked Ladies — Sound of Your Voice

I think I’d heard it before but this time it caught my attention. This video is a live performance from where I’m not sure.

Where Is The Love — Black Eyed Peas

I’ve just always liked this song and wanted to share it. The video has the lyrics which are really what make this song. It’s always nice when a song that has a good beat and is a bit catchy also has great lyrics.

Eben Moglen on The dotCommunist Manifesto

I watched this video sometime last year and found it fascinating. I’m always looking for new Eben Moglen videos online because he is such a great speaker. I admit the video is long but if you would really like to learn how copyright and so called “Intellectual Property” are affecting our culture set aside some […]

Robotic Quadraped “Big Dog”

Had to post this video. It’s amazing and at the same time terrifying. Can you imagine seeing that thing coming after you? You kick it, toss rocks at it and it just keeps coming. The balance and the fact it can jump is impressive.

Another fantastic project brought to you by DARPA!

Martial Arts Tryout Bloopers

If you can watch this without laughing…. there’s something wrong.