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First Real Work Day

I finally have a job. I started working about the 29th of November during a real pain of a snowstorm. I’m working at Microsoft as a vendor but I still work in a Microsoft building and they are our main client so it’s pretty close to working for them. Anyways, it’s an interesting job that will allow me to learn a lot and travel. I’m studying for my first MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) exam. A lot of the studying is done at work so as I said the job allows me to learn. I’m part of a team that provides technical support to all the conventions and trade shows that Microsoft is part of.

Today was my first day setting up for a show. It wasn’t scheduled in advance but they found they needed more people so some of us volunteered for Sunday (overtime) duty. We set up a couple hundred computers complete with mouse, keyboard, webcam, headset in addition to some VoIP phones. Had to crimp cable for quite a few of the computers and all that good stuff. A lot of carrying things around and connecting work but it goes fairly fast with a bunch of techs. Got a free lunch and dinner out of it. Some of the guys didn’t think it was so hot but if it’s free food I’m all for it! Especially since it’s better than I would be making for myself. Even got some salad and fruit!

So, back to work at the office tomorrow. At least I’m learning something and working on an income! 🙂

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