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Why is New Years Never That Exciting?

I tried to have fun — went out to the casino with my roommate and a friend even though I don’t enjoy gambling. It was supposed to be an exciting event! It wasn’t that bad but I just spent the time watching my friends play blackjack while we annoyed people by blowing our party horns all the time. There was an area with a band but I don’t know if you have to pay or what because there was a gate separating the entryway and I didn’t feel like going in alone.

When the ball finally dropped it got louder and the couples kissed while some hardly looked up from their slot machines. So… eh, it always seems so fun on TV and everything but I’ve never really had that great of a time. Maybe if you have that someone special to spend it with it would be different.

What made yours special? Or was it just basically another day/night?

7 comments to Why is New Years Never That Exciting?

  • chey

    i was watching star wars when it was new year!! lol, but i was pretty shagged from that day as i spent whole day at church for an event. just wanted to sleep after that! new year is meant to just come and go, imo! 😀

  • Jim and I had lots of fun watching a couple of Blues bands in Omaha with another couple. I do enjoy good Blues music.

    Happy New Year Friends!!!!

  • Chey, which Star Wars? 😉 and who were you with if you don’t mind. I think if you’re doing something you enjoy and it’s with someone who’s company you enjoy then it would be nice.

    Amy, cool! You went to a concert? Or was it just at a club? Blues is nice sometimes. But again, you were with family and friends so maybe that’s what makes it.

  • Club – and being with friends and family, makes it fun. My kids had friends spend the night – so they had fun, too!

  • chey

    hahaha, star wars episode 3 with my family!!! we toasted to san miguel, then went back to watching episode 3. before that we had nice dinner, and it felt good cus i paid. yups, i enjoy myself too much with my family. i dun have that special someone with me all the time 😉

  • Debbie in JA

    completely understand that entry. went to Evita’s in ochie and enjoyed the evening with poorly served Italian dishes then danced to Latin music with the cuban shark trainers from work. sounds interesting but it was quite the uneventful time. then there’s the fact that I had to friggin’work the next day….

  • Hi Debbie, thanks for stoppin by. Gotta love the “poorly served” dishes. Work the next day really puts a damper on the fun times. Every job should just let you enjoy yourself for that night!