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I Have a Little Blogorrhea

I’ve been trying to think of something to write about this week and my roommate ran across a definition of blogorrhea which according to answers.com is:

Typically refers to meaningless ranting and raving on a blog.

which I thought would be fitting. Now I don’t want to get in the habit of doing this but sometimes I really don’t have a specific topic to write about but I want to let people know I’m still here.

I’m watching a little American Idol right now which is really a low point for me. I don’t normally enjoy the show and Simon is such a jackass I can’t stand him most times. I guess it’s just my little train wreck thing. I’m just astounded at these people — who tells them they are great and should try out? Oh well, there are many other people ranting on how horribly tragic these performances are so I’ll leave it to them.

I am really soooo sick of this snow I can see why my friend Anne moved to Florida after coming back from Jamaica. When people would ask me in Jamaica about Washington State and if it snowed up here I would normally reply with "Yea, it does sometimes. Maybe every year or every other year but when it does it’s only like an inch or two and melts by the end of the day." Yea… I guess I was wrong this year. I drove to work last week but it’s my co-worker’s turn to drive this week so I haven’t had that stress. It better get warmer soon or… well I don’t have any threats against the weather to use as leverage but I won’t be happy. Hope you’re enjoying the weather down there Anne!

So there you have my blogorrhea!

10 comments to I Have a Little Blogorrhea

  • I don’t think watching American Idol is going to make you feel much better…it makes me want to throw myself out my living room window! πŸ˜›

  • daphne

    meaningless ranting… i do that all the time… XD

  • I’m sure you do Daphne, but you’re a girl. It’s a little more allowed in that case.

    Chad, I know what you mean about watching American Idol. I just can’t help it sometimes. Did you see the Seattle one? I bet none of my friends who have never been up this way will want to come up after seeing that. How embarrassing!

  • daphne

    hahaha, what is THAT supposed to be mr oliver!!??? πŸ˜›

  • Uhhhh, I guess it means that girls are sometimes more talkative than guys so we’re used to it.
    *continues digging a deeper hole* πŸ˜‰

  • Oliver, yeah I’m extremely embarrassed to admit 1.) I watched it at all πŸ˜€ , and 2.) I live in this area.. πŸ˜› . Some of those who auditioned were….well, I won’t say. About the only one’s I thought were any good at all was the brother and sister, and the tall girl…she had a heck of a lot of energy. Was funny watching her dance around though…all knees and elbows flailing about. πŸ˜›

  • lol, I know exactly what you mean about that tall girl. All arms and elbows, lol! Pretty though! A lot of people like her weren’t even from the area but just tried out in Seattle. The brother and sister were cool too. Again, quite pretty. Somehow the ears are influenced a bit by the eyes. They both did have nice voices though — just need a little training.

  • daphne

    IGNTS oliver! πŸ˜›

  • Didn’t we cover this before! You always have something to say:

    meaningless ranting… i do that all the time… XD

  • daphne

    *pouts* fine fine… πŸ˜›