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“I’m Unique!”

I was waiting for someone to post this. I had the same look on my face as Simon the whole time this girl was performing. I mean… what is there to say? It’s unique but hardly what pop stars are made of.

5 comments to “I’m Unique!”

  • daphne

    lol!! i actually missed this, not that i watch idol anyway. just was waiting for a show to start, and got some, like the beat boxer, and that retarded looking guy??? 4got what he did! XD

  • Yea, you saw the Seattle episode. Not EVERYONE up here is that weird — please don’t believe it. This girl here was in the Minneapolis episode.
    The beat boxer was alright. I’m glad they weren’t too mean to the fatter “mentally disabled” guy. The one before him sure looked odd though!

  • daphne

    hahaha, i remember that one!! they always claim they are good, the judges made the wrong choice blah blah. sometimes i wonder why they subject themselves to all this for practically nothing. opps.

    which reminds me, didn’t you join? 😛

  • You are such a little… I love it! haha. No, I would not be caught up there. They do get to be on International Television though!

  • daphne

    well yeah… quite true. you suit bachelor more. 😛