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Now I’m at the Venetian in Vegas

Yup, I’m back here again. And I have to say I think this hotel room is even nicer! The Venetian is an “all-suite” hotel so they don’t have any normal rooms. I didn’t bring my camera this time but maybe I’ll be able to borrow a friend’s to take a pic or two. My suite […]

American Idol Laying It On a Bit Thick

This whole Idol Gives Back thing is gettin on my nerves. Sure the stuff they show is sad and supposed to be touching and it would be if I actually thought they cared. Call me cynical but I don’t really think one week of your show dedicated to people in need is really giving back.

Yea, […]

Internet Radio Under Attack

Every once in a while certain really nice and useful things come under attack from corporations that are not making any / enough money with it. Right now it’s Internet Radio as a whole. I personally enjoy listening to Reggae and Dancehall music on BigUpRadio.com because there are no good local radio stations that play […]

La Rêve at The Wynn in Las Vegas

I just returned to my hotel room at The Wynn after seeing their show La Rêve. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Probably nothing but as usual I’ll still say it.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and with tickets above $100 a piece it was a bit of work talking myself […]

First Impressions of The Wynn in Las Vegas

It’s probably all downhill from here. For 10 days I’ll be staying at “The only casino resort in the world to have the Mobil 5 Star and AAA 5 Diamond rating” which is The Wynn Las Vegas. I saw the pictures and descriptions of the rooms averaging 640 square feet on their website so I […]