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Should I Get More Certifications?

I was just thinking about this today. I had motivation to go all the way towards an MCSE earlier but got stuck when studying for 291. I know some people are just good at taking tests but I like to have something to apply it to for me to really learn it. I don’t have a server at work to just play with — even though I can build one, I don’t have the chance to really build out a lot of clients and try things with different users. I learned a fair amount from MeasureUp practice tests but not enough to try the test. Then I started working more shows and just wanted to relax when in the office.

Some people have been taking the Vista certifications and maybe I should try one now that I’m a little more familiar with it. The only annoying thing is that I guess you need to know about the new programs that come with Vista. Applications like Mail, Calendar and some others I think. Since I use Outlook and the MS Office Suite at work I don’t have any clue about those other programs.

Another idea is getting some non-Microsoft certifications. Security+ and Network+ come to mind as those are areas I’m interested in. I also hear that the Security+ can be used as an elective on the MCSE track. My friend Christian is thinking about Security+ so I may do it with him. Security is something very important these days of course, so having a paper that says I know something about it could help.

Just getting my thoughts out there. I’ll be busy on show site for all of July of course so no test taking during that time period.

2 comments to Should I Get More Certifications?

  • daphne

    ehhh… *thinks hard*

    study only if it is good for the long run? well maybe the security course… it does seem like a good thing to learn..?

  • Yea, good for the long run… little raises in the meantime aren’t bad, but really it is about the long term so I should choose those.