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Post Office Is A Strange Place

I don’t go in there regularly but when I do I am never sure what paperwork I need to fill out or whether it’s priority or express mail I want to send. The really strange thing I noticed just recently was that the Post Office is one of the few places where you go in with something, pay your fee, and come out with nothing. And you’re happy about it! It was just a weird feeling!

5 comments to Post Office Is A Strange Place

  • daphne

    i always have to go to the post office, but to send mail i don’t care about. so i don’t get a satisfied feeling. and now that you reminded me, i have to go to the post office to renew my provisional driving license else i can’t drive. 🙁

    why did you have to go to the post office anyway? things to send out?

  • Yea, but you’re not paying out of your pocket either so it doesn’t matter right? Guess you’d better go so you can keep driving!

    Hmmm, very inquisitive is it?

  • daphne

    YA! next thurs it expires… so i better do it…

    eh, yeah? cause you said you had a satisfied feeling!?

  • I guess the feeling is sending something I really wanted to get sent! If it was just business I wouldn’t care so much really. Just can’t wait for it to reach its destination….

  • Yup, it was worth the wait 😀