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Conversion To Automatic Bathrooms Taking Too Long

Automatic Urinal
Automatic Urinal
Classic Manual Urinal
Manual Urinal

Can you tell the difference? I know I can. There are many other males who seem confused about this though. And it’s not just the urinals. The change has been happening in many public places for years. In my opinion this should have taken a year or two to implement.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while but this last week at the Orange County Convention Center has me at my limit. Last week I went to use the toilet in the middle of my shift. I went into the bathroom and of the 4 toilet stalls there were 2 with feces sitting in them. I know people could do this consciously but I really don’t think that is the reason for a lot of this. I had to stick my foot in and flush because I couldn’t stand the thought of being in the room with all that waste that had been sitting there for who-knows-how-long.

The next day I went into the same bathroom to use the urinal and 3 of the 4 urinals were full of urine. Now this one is just too easy. You can see the thing right in front of you! I later noticed that the only one that wasn’t full of urine was the only automatic urinal in the bathroom. Just fowl!

Now I understand that it takes a while to integrate new things into public places but really people… I’m all for the automatic flushing but it needs to be in all public areas. Unfortunately most people can’t be bothered to think if they need to flush or not. It’s too confusing for them. People used to flush but now they assume it is taken care of for them. If it isn’t they don’t even notice. All I’m asking is let’s just move this thing along.

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