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From Tropical Humidity to Dry Desert Air

After being in Singapore for two weeks and getting used to the moist and humid air the desert air of Las Vegas is quite a change. I felt a cold coming on while still in Seattle for a week in between but now that I’m in Vegas it’s really not helping. I’m even inside the hotel all day and my throat is constantly sore and my nose is always full. Hmmm, I wonder what the difference would be if I was sick in a humid place like Singapore. I only was sick once or twice in Jamaica and I don’t really recall what it was like other than vomiting.

I know I haven’t written about Singapore yet. It’s always so hard for me to summarize an entire vacation without going into the minute details that most people probably don’t care about. I do have pics I should put up ’cause I think some of them are pretty nice. Since I’m away from home though I don’t have the photos readily available to put up.

Well, until then I’ll stay sickly and dry in Vegas.

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