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A Few Walks Lately

I began this post a few weeks ago but had some technical difficulties after uploading the photos and had to upload them again. Since I am lazy it took me a while to get around to it and I didn’t feel like filling out the captions again. So here you have my post; finally.

I’ve managed to go on a few walks lately. I recall when I was younger I never wanted to walk — I always had my bike. If my mom could ever convince me to go for a walk with her I would have to go along on my bike. Well, fast-forward a decade or so and I no longer have a bike and am comfortable just walking. It’s nice exercise!

A couple weekends ago my cousin Lori came over to hang out and I decided we should check out a trail I read about in the community newsletter. It’s over behind the library and I never knew it was there! We only walked for about 10 minutes and turned around. I really just wanted to check it out. I’ll go back there later and try the whole thing.

This Saturday I went over to Jess’ house to play some Starcraft and we decided after a few hours that we should do something so we went for a walk down and around Marymoor park in Redmond. The next day I went out with a few friends to Discovery Park which I had never been to and which was a great surprize! I really enjoyed the area and the weather was fantastic.

Well, since I just got the photos back in the gallery I’ll leave you with them. The first is my cousin and I and the rest are from Discovery Park.

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