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4th of July on Lake Union

I don’t usually do much for the 4th but this year it worked out that I could hang out with my brother and sister, their family and friends! The location was right on Lake Union in front of the barge that is used to launch the fireworks. It was quite literally awesome to be so close. I love to feel the explosions throughout my body as the fireworks shred apart above.

Occasionally the power lines got in the way of a nice shot but otherwise I like a few of the photos. Been a while since I broke out the tripod and played with the manual settings as well so it did me good. Enjoy.

3 comments to 4th of July on Lake Union

  • Lauren

    Hi Oliver,

    Wow, Fabulous photos!!!!
    Would love to Be able to have some on my computer, is there a way to download some?

    Sounds like you had a fun time with Aria and Langston 🙂


  • Mom

    Very nice shots, Oliver!

  • @Lauren: Thanks! I can send some to your email. I’ll send you an email about this.

    @Mom: Thanks! And thanks for stopping by. 🙂