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Tulip Festival Photos 2010 -- Last Weekend

We barely made it out for some decent weather this year to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I don’t remember the last time I went but I know by old photos that I used to come out with my family quite a bit when younger. It was frustrating to learn that they had already cut most of the fields even though the festival was still open for one more weekend but we went up to see anyways. Tulip Town is where we ended up and it wasn’t too bad. The weather was nice for photos as well. It’s been a while but some of my techniques came back to me. These photos are a mix of mine, Juliah’s and my mom’s. Enjoy!

3 comments to Tulip Festival Photos 2010 — Last Weekend

  • Jenny Chatterton

    I LOVE the 2 photos with the “ant’s eye” perspective, especially the red one. Were you lying in the mud? Really beautiful.

  • Thanks Jenny. Those are some of my favorite’s too. Hey, I like that “ant’s eye” term. I hadn’t heard it before! I wasn’t lying in the mud but thankfully my camera has a swivel LCD screen so I could place it low to the ground but still see where the camera was pointing.

  • Sue

    thanks for your fabulous, very professional pics of the Skagit tulips! i now have a beautiful screensaver to enjoy throughout my hectic day at the Y! thanks O!