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Snoqualmie Falls and Lake Sammamish 2011

My buddy Patric has always mentioned Snoqualmie Falls as a good place to visit so Juliah and I went out there to check it out. It’s not too far away and it was a nice drive. After that we took the long way home and ended up at Lake Sammamish. We threw around the Frisbee […]

Rattlesnake Lake 2011

Been here a couple times but Juliah and I went out this 4th of July. It was a nice day and a good hike. It always feels like it will be impossible to make it to the top but you finally do. It’s still interesting to look out on the view although Juliah was making […]

Piracy a Marketing Problem?–geist-canadian-backed-report-says-music-movie-and-software-piracy-is-a-market-failure-not-a-legal-one

I’d have to agree. This article was posted a while back but I’m just now getting around to putting it up. If only these mega-industries could try innovating and giving the consumer what they want and are willing to pay for instead of forcing them to pay more for less and less….

Alta Lake Camping 2011

Finally our camping weekend of 2011 arrived. The weather was much nicer than last year when we waited until September. That was collld. This year we went to Alta Lake in Eastern Washington and my mom came along. I had been there when I was about 14 or 15 years old and I met some […]