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Final Thoughts on The Venetian

The rooms of The Venetian certainly were nice as I mentioned before. The service left me desiring a little however. I’m a bit tired of relating the story so I’ll give the short version.

After work on the second day my room key would not work. I went to my coworker’s room and used his phone to call and ask for another room key. After a few security-related questions they said they’d send one right up. About 30 minutes later a man came to the door and gave me the new keys. I went to try them and of course they didn’t work as well. I was tired of waiting around so I came back to my coworker’s room and called them again explaining I thought something was wrong with the door and asking them to send someone to look at the door. Again they said “right away” and so I figured it would be taken care of. Seeing how long it took them to send just a key, I went to another friend’s room who had an Xbox and some entertainment. I stayed there a couple hours then came back to my room to find the key still didn’t work — now it was really getting annoying. I went down to the front desk and explained exactly what had happened, including the fact that I had already tried different room keys. So they sent me up with another set of keys and told me to check in with the security to have them assist me. Basically, I ended up waiting another 30min after getting security to use their master lock and finally the engineers came up and had to reprogram my door before it worked. So it was about 3hrs from when I originally asked them to fix the door and I had to work early the next day. I expected an apology or something at least but I guess I was forgotten. I’m not one to complain loudly to the staff (that’s what my blog is for, right?) so I just stuck it out the rest of the week in my suite.

Sooooo, the entire time I was in Vegas I only got out of the hotel for about 3 or 4 hours total. I looked out to the bright morning sun every day before leaving my room and heading to the convention rooms, but that’s just the way it goes. It was still better than walking around in the rain in Washington to me. Oh, and one more good thing about the Venetian is their Internet price was reasonable at $4.98/24hrs when I’ve seen others as high as $17 for the same period. So yup, that’s enough Vegas for a while. On to L.A. this week!

1 comment to Final Thoughts on The Venetian

  • daphne

    eeeeeeeeeeeeek!! how can they do that? but oh well, guess if you go back there again, there wouldn’t be the same(i hope!)

    hope LA is better!! :))