February 2023
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Move Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Menu To Left Side

Finally!!!!! I found the method to move the in-game menu to the left and back to the bottom of the screen in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. I had done this accidentally and had no idea how it happened. I searched and searched online and didn’t find anything so I just had to make due for […]

Freestyle Walking – Check it out!

Ok, so some of you may have seen this stuff before but it’s pretty cool! I’m used to seeing stunts on a bike or skateboard but only with the human body? Impressive.

2008 Family Camping Trip At Deception Pass

Family Camping Trip ’08!!!! Well, I was pretty excited about this one because I haven’t been able to go regularly since my last job required me to work a lot through the summer especially. Now that I have a regular 9-to-5 job I have my weekends free. So I was stoked about going and seeing […]

Sundance Tickets Are Worthless

If you are not in your seat 30 minutes prior to the start of the movie. Nevermind the fact that the tickets are paid for in advance. Hmmm, maybe they’re not up on the definition of a ticket:

a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something[…]


We had tickets
We were there before the movie […]

Vacation In Jamaica

I spent almost two weeks in Jamaica the end of August and beginning of September. Originally I had planned to spend three weeks there but as anyone who has used frequent flier miles knows, the flight dates are very limited. I spent most of my time in Kingston visiting a few friends and helping out […]