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Morgan Heritage Concert in Seattle

I finally got to go to a Reggae concert! I tried to see Anthony B back in November but that fell through. This time it was Morgan Heritage which is a great reggae band that’s been around for a while. I had always heard of them but never paid them much attention until recently I saw a music video on a reggae dvd I got from It’s the same video that you’ll see below. Really good song, great voices, great presence and interaction with the crowd. Could have listened to them all night long. I went with another RPCV who is up here in Seattle and we went to a Jamaican restaurant and got jerk chicken and rice and peas for dinner before the show. She also showed me a place that imports Ting — a wonderful grapefruit flavored soft drink I love from Jamaica. I bought 6 at $2 a bottle. Expensive considering they go for about $.50(US) in Jamaica but sometimes you just gotta have what you want! I’m going to look to see if I can get it cheaper by ordering by the case online. Anyways, there were some definitely Jamaican looking people at the concert and certainly a few gorgeous black women which reminded me of the island and almost gave me the feeling of being back.

Enjoy the video!

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