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Eek A Mouse Concert In Seattle

I have to say I did not enjoy this concert as much as the Morgan Heritage show I went to on Wednesday. I guess the crowd is just different and the style of performance is as well. Even when I was in Jamaica many people I asked did not know of Eek so most of you reading will probably not either but you can find more info on Eek A Mouse at wikipedia as always. For me he’s always just been fun to listen to so when I saw he would be at the same bar I saw Morgan Heritage I thought I may consider going. I wasn’t quite sure until I talked to a friend who was just looking for something to do and he was up for it.

Ganja has always been a part of Reggae culture and I’m sure it will never leave it but I’m not a big fan of the stuff myself. At the other show there was a song or two about it and they got everyone cheering about legalizing it for a short while but most of the time was spent just singing about love and crime and political things that carry more importance to me. At the Eek show it seemed it was all about ganja. Talking about it at almost every break, asking “What are you smo-o-king tonight?” in his musical voice to a response of cheers, people lighting up all around me… just not very enjoyable to me (or my friend for that matter).

But hey, I learned something about what kind of shows I will enjoy and what I probably won’t. I would love to go to the Showbox and see Stephen Marley ft. Junior Gong in April but unfortunately I will be in Vegas on a show. That show may have lots of smoke but the music would be so worth it. I guess another time.

7 comments to Eek A Mouse Concert In Seattle

  • daphne

    were there little kids around? if he keeps talking about ganja, i wouldn’t be surprised they pick it up quick!

  • No, it was a 21 and over show at a bar. Plenty of the kids do pick it up quickly though because the Rastas believe it is a good and healing herb and should be smoked regularly.

  • daphne

    it is? i wouldn’t have guessed. we dun have such stuff here(mainly because everyone smuggles heroine anyway, or are they the same?) but it’s death sentance once found guilty of drug trafficking.

  • Death? That would probably stop quite a few people… Naw, heroine isn’t the same but I don’t believe ganja is good for you. Most people I know who smoke it a lot aren’t quite as quick thinking as others.

  • daphne

    my friend once changed the lyrics of bob marley’s no women no cry:

    no women no cry
    no ganja i die

    *shakes head*

  • “Most people I know who smoke it a lot aren’t quite as quick thinking as others.”

    lol! So true!

    Lots of weed smoked all around us at the Ben Harper concert, too. Bob Marley’s grandson was there. I was surprised it was still around! lol!

  • Yea? I thought I saw the Ben Harper name on some show that Junior Gong was on. He’s actually Marley’s son — his mother is a former Miss Jamaica World Winner. I would love to see him live but I’ll be in Vegas working when he’s in Seattle 🙁