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Just 30 Seconds Of Communication Is All I Ask

Why is it so hard for some people to just call a person back and say “Hey, sorry I missed your call. I’m really busy right now and don’t know when I’ll be free so I’ll give you a call in a few days.” How long would that take? Am I going to argue and tell you you’re not busy? Will I be upset that you told me you don’t have time for me right now? No and no. At least I don’t have to wonder and wait or worry about what is going on. People get busy and plans change — I get that. But is taking a few moments — less than a minute!– to tell someone what is going on too much to ask? I don’t think so and I would do the same for anyone I have the faintest respect for. Is it just that no one cares anymore?

2 comments to Just 30 Seconds Of Communication Is All I Ask

  • daphne

    i’m guilty as charged for this. but that’s because somehow if i call to say i wont be free to talk, the other party assumes calling back = continue conversation. happens many times.

    but i know where you’re coming from with this. tsk!

  • I guess there are people that would expect if you called back you would have time. If you are firm and just say what you have to say then go it would be better to me.